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DC energy efficient refrigerators and freezers

SunDanzer Direct-drive Solar Refrigerator

DC energy efficient refrigerators and freezers

Avoid battery and charge controller costs with the SunDanzer DDR165, a direct-drive solar refrigerator.  This high-efficiency refrigerator, designed for the off-grid user, is made for direct connection to your solar panel, eliminating the need for expensive deep-cycle batteries, charge controllers, and battery maintenance.  As a stand-alone application, the direct-drive solution provides reliable refrigeration at greatly reduced cost.

How it works:  High quality construction provides excellent reliability and long life. The super-insulated chest-style cabinet features over 4 inches of polyurethane insulation, with powder-coated galvanized steel exterior and aluminum interior.  A zero-maintenance, brushless DC compressor with a built-in soft-start function operates on 12 VDC and connects directly to your solar PV system.  A patented low-frost system reduces frost and moisture build-up for low maintenance of the unit.

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SunDanzer Model DDR165 Features:

  • Runs on a single 120W module
  • 12 VDC powered directly from panels
  • Environmentally friendly CFC-free refrigerant
  • Scratch-resistant galvanized steel exterior
  • Easy-to-clean aluminum interior
  • Interior light for better visibility
  • Patented low-frost system
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Baskets for food organization
  • One year manufacturer's warranty
  • PRICE -- $1799
  Physical and Electrical Specifications:

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  Input voltage
  Panel voltage
  Power (typical - max)
  Fuse size
  Ambient temp. range

  Thermostat range

  Exterior dimensions

10-45 VDC
12 V nominal
40 - 80 W
15 amp
50 to 109F
 (10 to 43C)

30 to 48F
 (-1 to 9C)
36.8"W x 26.2"D x
34.5" H
5.8 cu.ft. (165 L)


NOTE:  This is not stocked locally and ships from our supplier in the Southwest.  Please call us for a freight rate.

  The best rate for truck freight shipping is to have you pick it up at the local freight terminal or commercial drop point.  A residential delivery is usually $40 to $45 more than a business delivery, and, a lift gate (which drops the goods off at ground level), is another $80 to $100 in additional fees.  Inside delivery is an additional cost on top of that.

Know someone with a truck? Can you have a dolly or hand cart on hand?  If you can mobilize a couple of strong bodies, you might be able to save $40 to as much as $120 or so on your freight costs.

Call for your freight on any of our truck freight items.

Note:  the above refrigerators and freezers are shipped on a pallet surrounded by heavy, double-corrugated cardboard.  For export shipments, add $50 for additional export crating.

NOTE ABOUT RECEIVING TRUCK FREIGHT ITEMS:  Do not sign for anything until you have inspected your unit. You have spent good money on this, and it was shipped in good condition.  If you don't inspect it, and open the unit at home and find 'hidden damage', there is no recourse for a truck freight claim. All claims for damage MUST be made at the time of receipt of the unit!  Note any damage on the bill of lading before signing off--it's a relatively easy process to get a new unit or replacement parts if you do so.  But not if you don't inspect it!  Also, don't refuse an obviously damaged unit.  You will still be charged for it, as we will also be by our suppliers.  Freight damage is very rare (FORTUNATELY!), but proper documentation and reporting of any damage will expedite the claims process.

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